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Kurochkina Anna Levshakova Lera Sevostyanova Katya 5В

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The capital of Russia is Moscow. Moscow was first mentioned in annals in 1147. The city was founded by Yuri Dolgorukiy.

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Nowadays nearly thirteen million people live in Moscow including the suburbs. Lots of people come here yearly to stay and live with the aim of earning money. And that’s understanable because Moscow opens different perspectives which often can’t be compared with those offered in other country cities

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Red Square is near the Kremlin. The first Kremlin was built in 1368. It was made of white stone. And that is why Moscow was called 'white-stoned' in the past. The modern Kremlin was built of red bricks. Today the president and the government of Russian Federation work here. The clocks of the Spasskaya Tower can be called the clocks which drive Russia.

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The STATE Tretyakov Gallery is named after great Russian person Pavel Tretyakov who Left his collection as a gift to the nation It has become one of the most popylar places of interest in Moscow since then

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The BOLSHOI THEATRE was opened in 1825 The teatre seats 2 , 150 The cotrany was more than 900 members

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It is largest museum of European art in Moscow The Founder of The Pushkin museum of Fine art is Profesor lvan Tsvetayev The museum was built in 1912 THE museum also has one of the world s largest colection

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Most large cities in the world are situated near water. And the Russian capital is no an exception, because there is the river Moscow (Moskva). Actually in Russia it’s common for cities and the rivers running through to have the same name. The river Moscow plays quite an important role as a shipping canal. It connects the city with the Baltic, the Barentsev, the Azov, the Black and the Caspian seas. That is why Moscow is sometimes called the port of 5 seas.

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Also there is Vasiliy Blagenniy cathedral (St. Basil's) near the Red Square. It was built in the middle of the XVI century. Lots of arguments arise during discussions of the exterior of the cathedral. Some people even think that it doesn’t have any style. Others on the contrary see something unique in it.

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The Moscow metro deserves a word. Some people consider it the most beautiful one in the world. Each station has its peculiarities and doesn’t look like others. The first line of underground started working here in 1935. Nowadays the entire length of the underground lines is about 200 kilometers. You’ll meet a lot of people with books in their hands in the underground. This is so because they spend quite a big part of their day on transport and spend their free time here this way.

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A walk on the Arbat will be memorable for tourists. Arbat is the main pedestrian street of the city. Perhaps that is the best place in Moscow where you can buy souvenirs from Russia. There are so many things you can find here! Nested dolls, wooden spoons, caps with earlaps, copies of World War II signs, all these are sold here. There is a great choice of places to eat on the Arbat. And those who have some free time even can ask local painters to make their portraits.

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