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Слайд 1
Текст слайда:

Road construction machines. That/those

Дорожно-строительные машины.
Многозначные слова that/those

Слайд 2
Текст слайда:

Road construction machines

articulated truck
cement mixer
vibratory roller

сочлененная тележка экскаватор Бульдозер бетономешалка Уплотнитель Грейдер Погрузчик Скребок Стяжка Уборщик вибрационный ролик

Слайд 3
Текст слайда:

Road construction machines

Excavator and Bulldozer,
Asphalt Paver, Grader, Sprayer
All these pieces of equipment
Should we use in road repair,
In construction of the road
That is our future job!

Слайд 4
Текст слайда:

Road construction machines

What are some machines used in road construction?
What is used to clean up a road after construction?

Sweeper, paver, cement mixer, compactor, grader, backhoe

Слайд 5
Текст слайда:

Machines. Reading

Слайд 6
Текст слайда:

Vocabulary exercises

Using the website passage choose the correct answers:

Слайд 7
Текст слайда:

Vocabulary exercises

Слайд 8
Текст слайда:

Vocabulary exercises

Слайд 9
Текст слайда:

Vocabulary exercises

Manager: Gary, let's go over the tasks for the week.
Employee: Okay, Ma'am. What are we going to do?
Manager: We'll mainly be leveling ground for a new lane on a road.
Employee: So we'll need the grader and bulldozer, then.
Manager: Yes. We'll probably want the backhoe, too.
Employee: No problem. It has a loader on its front end
too, right?
Manager: Yes. That‘ll save us having to bring another
Employee: Good idea. I'll go get the equipment ready.

Read the dialogue. Mark the following statements as true (T) or false (F)

A conversation between a construction manager and an employee.

Слайд 10
Текст слайда:

Vocabulary exercises

Слайд 11
Текст слайда:

Многозначные слова That/those

Указательное местоимение



Относительное местоимение

Слайд 12
Текст слайда:

Grammar exercises

Translate the following sentences into Russian.

1) The disadvantage of the device is that it is not easy to adjust. 2) The requirement is that the students should know the answers to those questions. 3) It is necessary that the substance should be heated. 4) That gases can be compressed is quite evident. 5) Everybody knows that two and two are four. 6) I shall explain the rule to you in order that you should know it. 7) Planes that cross the Atlantic are usually large. 8) We know that brakes are used for stopping the car. 9) Those cars are made so that they are comfortable. 10) The engine is the source of power that makes the wheels rotate and the car move.

Слайд 13
Текст слайда:

Grammar exercises

Put the words in the right order to make a sentence.

1) People, the petrol, the air, is poisoning, worry, that.
2) Of, those, one, was made, cars, in 2007.
3) Had, they, very, car, modern, for that, time.
4) Traffic in London, from that, of the Continent, differs.
5) I, that, knew, was, car, cheap.

Слайд 14
Текст слайда:


Выучить лексику урока :

articulated truck, backhoe, bulldozer, cement mixer, compactor, grader, loader, scraper, screed, sweeper, vibratory roller

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