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The 12th of February

Step 2.
Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan

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Fly high, eagle of freedom
Calling to unification
Force and power of the hero are in the people
Force and power of the people are unity

Слайд 4
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Answer the questions:
1. What is the capital of Kazakhstan?
2. What is the population of country?
3. What large cities of Kazakhstan do you know?
4. What countries does it border on?
5. What do you say about climate of our country?

Слайд 5
Текст слайда:

New words

Independence- Тәуелсіздік
Multinational- Көпұлтты
Strong- Мықты
Beautiful- Әдемі
Nice- Сүйкімді
Dry- Құрғақ
Modern- Заманауи

Слайд 6
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Adjectives: degrees of adjectives

Слайд 7
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Grammar practice

Complete the table

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Слайд 9
Текст слайда:

Read the text. Astana

Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan. It's a very big and beautiful city. There are so many interesting and wonderful showplaces! A lot of people visit Astana for sightseeing. Baiterek is the symbol of the city, and from it you can see the whole city. Astana is situated in Central Kazakhstan, on the river Ishim. There are also a lot of theatres, cinemas and stores. Astana is a young city, but it's very developing city. It is a modern growing city, a political, financial, economic, scientific and socio-cultural centre of the state. There are a lot of magnificent beautiful buildings, higher educational establishments, colleges and secondary schools, hotels, banks and other commercial structures in Astana.

Слайд 10
Текст слайда:

Who is the quicker?

The President of our country
The language of Kazakh people
National holidays of our Kazakhstan
The capital of Kazakhstan
The Independence day
Astana is the…….

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Слайд 12
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Work in pairs. Read the dialogue

Is it your first visit to Astana?
Yes, and unfortunately I haven’t got much time
So, what are you going to do while you are here?
Well, I don’t know much about Astana, you know. Just Baiterek and entertainment centre Khan Shatyr
You have just got two days, haven’t you? You are going to be pretty busy if you want to see all the sights.
I’m planning to start early tomorrow morning. What should I do first?
I think you should start with “Duman Entertainment centre”. It’s one of the interesting and exciting centers.
It sounds great. I’ll definitely do that.
Good bye!
Bye bye!

Work in pairs. Read the dialogue

Слайд 13
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DIAGRAM “What is Astana for us?”

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Слайд 17
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Traffic Lights




Слайд 18
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New words
p.135-136(read, transl.)

Слайд 19
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Thanks for
your attention!!!

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