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Volcano eruption

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The Earth’s mantle is solid rock, it’s under high pressures and temperatures, and this causes rock to melt and squeeze out of cracks in the rock. The magma collects into vast chambers beneath the Earth’s crust. It “floats” up to the surface, seeking out cracks and weaknesses in the rock. When it finally reaches the surface, we see this as an eruption.

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Hawaiian Eruption

Strombolian Eruption

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Vulcanian Eruption

Plinian Eruption

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Lava Domes

Surtseyan Eruption

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spill and destroy lives and property

ash can have negative consequences on the ozone layer

landscapes and natural sceneries can be destroyed

ash and mud can mix with rain and melting snow, forming lahars

volcanic eruptions can cause earthquakes, fast floods, mud slides, and rock falls

- provide extraordinary scenery, that attracts tourists to the area - highpotential for geothermal energy, which can be an advantage to the towns and cities - the lava and ash breaks down to provide valuable nutrients for the soil

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clues for judging when a volcano is likely to erupt

1. It can be preceded by hundreds of small earthquakes
2. Small changes in the shape of a volcano such as bulging may indicate that magma is rising.
3. Temperature changes in surface lakes or the groundwater near a volcano
4. Gases emitted at, or near a volcano may show that a magma chamber is refilling or that a new composition of magma is rising from depth

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