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Выполнила: учитель английского языка
Проценко Анна Владимировна 8 класс

Air Pollution

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What is air pollution?

What causes it:
cleaning products,
insect sprays,
high temperatures,
fumes from cooking/ cigarettes/paint?

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Clean Air at Home

Air pollution doesn’t just come from factories and our cars. We also cause it at home with the products we use and the way we live. Air indoors can be polluted by cleaning products, dust, paint, insect, sprays, cigarette smoke or steam from cooking.

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We often need to keep doors and windows closed to keep the insides of our houses cool in the summer or warm in the winter. This traps pollutants and can make places for insects, dust mites and mould to live.

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Some pollutants such as smoke and insect sprays can cause breathing problems such as asthma, especially for those people who are allergic to dust. To reduce air pollution at home you should open the doors and windows 2-3 times a day, use natural cleaning products, and do not allow smoking.

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Answer the questions

What pollutes air indoors?
What happens if we don’t allow fresh air into our houses frequently?
What problems can stale air at home cause?

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Explain the words

Traps pollutants
Dust mites
Breathing problems

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Do people smoke cigarettes in your house?

A. Never B. Sometimes C. Often

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2. Do you use water-based cleaning products to clean your house?

A. Yes, always B. I try to C. I didn’t check

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3. Do you clean your air-conditioning filter?

A. Yes B. Sometimes C. Where is it?

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4. Do you ever enjoy light meals that require little or no cooking like salads?

A. Often B. Sometimes C. Not very often

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5. Do you clean bedding and items used by your pets regularly?

A. No, never B. Sometimes C. Yes, often

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Green wisdom

There’s so much pollution in the air now that if it weren’t for our lungs, there would be no place to put it all.
(Robert Orben, US comedy writer)

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Collect information, then give a two-minute talk about what air pollution is and how we can have clean air at home.

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