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Warm – up:1. Write the objective pronouns:…, you, …, …, it, …, you, …, …2. New Idioms for testing:To roll in money,To make the cup run over,To make both ends meet,To make smb. blush,To

Слайд 1The Infinitive and its Function

the main Infinitives’ Functions (5) in a sentence.
Define the functions of Infinitives.
Differentiate situations: Infinitive with or without “to”
Idioms from National Testing.

The 23d of April.

The Infinitive        and its FunctionName the main Infinitives’ Functions (5)

Слайд 2 Warm – up:
1. Write the objective pronouns:
…, you, …,

…, it, …, you, …, …
2. New Idioms for testing:
To roll in money,
To make the cup run over,
To make both ends meet,
To make smb. blush,
To pull oneself together
3.Define the Infinitives forms: to have left, to tell, to have been writing, to be telling, to have been given, to be put, to be sitting, to finish, to be kept, to have built

Warm – up:1. Write the objective pronouns:…, you, …, …, it, …, you, …, …2.

Слайд 3 Warm – up:


Warm – up:PossibleTruthOfficialHappyAttractivePleasantImpossibleUntruthUnofficialUnhappyUnattractiveUnpleasant

Слайд 4Infinitive without “to”

Infinitive without “to”

Слайд 5Fill in the particle “to” if it’s necessary:
She wants …

give us some books.
Ann doesn’t like … ask questions.
Jim must … phone his parents.
Nancy pretended … be reading a book.
My mother heard Tanya … say those words.
Could you … give me your pen?







Fill in the particle “to” if it’s necessary: She wants … give us some books.Ann doesn’t like

Слайд 6The Infinitive functions:
1. Subject:
To make mistakes is easy.
It is easy to

make mistakes.
It makes me angry to wait for people who are late.
2. Part of the predicative: (after to be)
You task is to study in proper way.
His work was to save people lives.
3. Object:
She wants to dance.
James wants him to help Natalie.
Nick asked me to wait a little.
4. Attribute.
I don’t wish to change.
I told her about my decision to leave.

The Infinitive functions:1. Subject:To make mistakes is easy.It is easy to make mistakes.It makes me angry to

Слайд 7Define the functions of the Infinitive:
I want to give you

some information.
To read is important for pupils.
My homework is to read the text.
She likes to sing.
They start to write a new composition.
We plan to go the museum.
It makes me happy to be useful for my students.
Don’t let him cross the street at the red light.








Complex object

Define the functions of the Infinitive: I want to give you some information.To read is important for

Слайд 8The Infinitive functions:
4. Attribute. (after the words the first, the second,

the last, only)
Peter was the first person to pass the exam.
He is the only scientist to have won three Nobel prizes.
5. Adverbial modifier.
I sat down to rest.
To switch off, press the button.
5. Adverbial modifier. (after the words in order, so as, too, enough)
He got up early in order to have time to pack.
I moved to a new flat so as to live near my work.
I don’t know him enough to ask him for help.
He was too young to marry.

The Infinitive functions:4. Attribute. (after the words the first, the second, the last, only)Peter was the first

Слайд 9 Phrasal verb: to give

Phrasal verb: to give

Слайд 10 Complex object

Complex object

Слайд 11 Complex object

Complex object

Слайд 12Find Complex Object and translate:
We expect this book to be printed

in May.
Mother wants Alina to study English.
I watched Sultan run around the school like a small boy.
Tanya wants Kristina to help them
Diana made Katya tell the truth.
Find Complex Object and translate:We expect this book to be printed in May.Mother wants Alina to study

Слайд 13Complex Object: “to” or without “to”
John decided his sister (learn / to

learn) Spanish.
My parents let me (walk/ to walk) till 11 o’clock.
I heard Louis (play / to play) the trumpet in the living room.
She didn’t let her mother (go / to go) out.
I expect Dasha (be \ to be) an English teacher.
I saw him (enter/ to enter) the hall.
Complex Object: “to” or without “to”John decided his sister (learn / to learn) Spanish.My parents let me

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