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The planet Earth is mostly water. Oceans cover the biggest part of it – and there are lakes, rivers, streams, and even underground water.

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People all over the world are worried about what is happening to the environment.
Our oceans, seas, rivers and lakes are in danger. Factories produce a lot of wastes and pour them into the rivers. So they poison water. Rivers and lakes are polluted by garbage or by poisonous chemicals which are dumped right into them. This poison kills fish and sea animals. There is not enough oxygen in the water.
Fish and reptiles can't live in this water.

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Oceans, seas, rivers and lakes

Oceans, seas, rivers and lakes

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The river (Citarum) flows in the Western Java in Indonesia. This river is considered to be the most polluted river in the world. The river actively began to be polluted in the 80th years of the XX century, when the sharp lifting of the industry in Indonesia began. Besides industrial wastes into the river, the household garbage from Jakarta goes, where 9 million people live.

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Yangzi's river, China

The Yangzi is the longest in Asia and the third after Amazon and Nile river, has length of 6300 km. The Yangzi wins first place in WWF rating – 10 the dirtiest rivers in the world ,because more than 17 000 Chinese cities have no cleaning constructions and all waste migrates lengthways on a current. For such cities as Shanghai, Wuhan and Nanjing, this river is the only source of water therefore its condition belongs to the biggest problems of China.

Yangzi's river

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The Huang He (Yellow River) is the second-large river in China – its length makes 5464 km in length, and yellow color of water of the river received from loessial deposits. But now color became brown, and sometimes even happens also red – all because of the chemicals following from nearby plants. Due to the frequent change of a current and installation of the next dams, not many pieces the river dries up, and quickly developing cities increase level of pollution of waters. It, in turn, is a huge problem because it is the only source of water for million Chinese.

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The Ganges River, India. The river Ganges stretching from the Himalayas to the Indian Ocean on the territory of India and Bangladesh, throughout 2510 kilometers. At present the river Ganges is very polluted, in connection with rapid growth of the population of India, industry influence, lack of the modern sewerage that harmful affects the river. The Result of this pollution is the set of water diseases, including cholera, hepatitis, typhus and dysentery.

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The Yamuna is one of the most polluted rivers in the world where 58% of garbage from the Indian capital of New Delhi are got away to the river. By the government were enclosed funds for cleaning of Yamuna also to Ganges, but as though they didn't try, it is useless.

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The Sarno , Italy. This river is a stream which passes through Pompeii to the south city of Naples. It is considered to be the most polluted river in Europe. The polluted waters of the pool flowing in the gulf of Naples increase pollution of sea water.

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The Sarno , Italy.

Слайд 13
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The Royal river - the most polluted reservoir of Australia. Every year the mining industry dumps sulphidic wastes to the river.

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In Russia the dirtiest river is the Volga which at the same time is considered to be the largest in Europe and one of the biggest in the world .. However now it not such great as it was earlier. Today on coast of the pool there is a huge number of various plants and the enterprises merge production wastes into Volga

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According to the international organization Greenpeace ,The Mediterranean Sea is the dirtiest in the world . Waters of the Mediterranean Sea are especially polluted near large ports of the developed countries, such, as France, Italy, Spain. Every year in the sea casually or deliberately about 400 thousand tons of dangerous oil products and industrial drains merge. And on each square km of a seabed there are about 2000 subjects which are waste of activity of the person.

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The Baltic Sea in itself is very dirty,, the sea is surrounded from all directions by industrialized countries: Sweden, Norway, Baltic countries. The Baltic fish isn't so safe, in its content mercury is exceeded. The Baltic Sea is also polluted by industrial drains.

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The Black Sea is also present at this list of ecologically unsuccessful reservoirs. The rivers from all Europe flow into it, bringing different wastes of the person's activity. The Black Sea is polluted by oil products, Kerch accident in 2007 especially affected.

The hydrogen sulfide, lying layers at the bottom of the Black Sea and periodically rising to a surface because of high summer temperatures worsens a situation.

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For the last 30 years the London Thames became, according to the nature defenders, one of the purest in the world among the rivers proceeding through the large cities . In the Thames which extent 322 kilometers,114 species of fish meet again.

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There are no lakes in the world more deeply than Baikal! It is in the Russian Federation in the south of Eastern Siberia. It's greatest depth makes 1642 meters. There is no water in the world more purely, than in Baikal! It is the huge natural tank for storage of 20 world and 90 percent of the Russian stocks of fresh water. Water from the lake is surprising and unique. It is absolutely transparent, pure and rich with oxygen. Even Seals are found in it . The Baikal water was considered to be curative, and it treated the various deseases

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Inhabitants of Egypt are proud of the Red Sea because the special commission awarded it a rank "the purest sea on Earth". It is surrounded by the warmest countries in the world .

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The Dead Sea is the purest in the world, because life in this sea isn't present, there are no plants around, but to bathe is also rather difficult because of the high content of salt.

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If you really like to swim,
don't pollute the nearest stream!

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Our mission

We need to save our water, to keep it clean and healthy.
Our Earth is our home. We must take care of it for ourselves and for the future generations.
We should remember that everyone to solve this environmental problem can do something

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If you want the life be cool,
Like a full of color picture,
Don't forget one golden rule:
Be careful with nature!

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