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Презентация по английскому языку
Ученика 6 Н класса
Земкова Ильи


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The City

London is a beautiful city with large squares and parks. London is one of the biggest cities in the world. Numerous banks, offices, and firms are situated there, including the Bank of England, the Stock Exchange, and the Old Bailey.

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Trafalgar Square

This is one of the nerve-centres of London. It was named Trafalgar Square to commemorate the historical naval victory won on the 21st of October 1805 . The battle took place at Cape Trafalgar in the mouth of the Straits of Gibraltar and lasted several hours.

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the Tower of London

The Tower of London is one of the most imposing and popular of London's historical sites. It comprises not one, but 20 towers.

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the White Tower

The oldest of which, the White Tower.

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St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul's Cathedral is one of the most famous buildings in the world. The clock tower on the West Side houses the bell known as Great Paul. At three metres in diameter, it is the heaviest swinging bell in the country.

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the Houses of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament constitute perhaps the most popular and widely spread image of London, known and recognized thro­ughout the whole world. In this famous palace are also many meeting halls and various parliamentary offices.

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the National Gallery

The National Gallery was founded in 1824 and is one of the greatest museums of art in the world. It is noted for the balance of its collections; all of the important art schools and almost all old Masters are represented there.

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Nelson’s Column

The monument consists of a very tall column. On top of it stands a figure of Nelson.

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Big Ben

Big Ben is one of London's best-known landmarks, and looks most spectacular at night when the clock faces are illuminated. The name Big Ben actually refers not to the clock-tower itself, but to the thirteen ton bell hung within. The bell was named after the first commissioner of works, Sir Benjamin Hall.

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London Bridge

London has many bridges over the Thames, more than twenty but the most interesting of them all is the Tower Bridge situated near the Tower of London.

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Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge regulates a large part of the impressive traffic of the Port of London. Due to a special mechanism, the main traffic-way consisting of two parts fixed to two hinges at the ends can be lifted up.

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