Презентация, доклад к уроку. Викторина для интеллектуалов (Интеллектуальное соревнование). Викторина 3.

Презентация к уроку. Викторина для интеллектуалов (Интеллектуальное соревнование). Викторина 3., предмет презентации: Английский язык. Этот материал в формате pptx (PowerPoint) содержит 55 слайдов, для просмотра воспользуйтесь проигрывателем. Презентацию на заданную тему можно скачать внизу страницы, поделившись ссылкой в социальных сетях! Презентации взяты из открытого доступа или загружены их авторами, администрация сайта не отвечает за достоверность информации в них, все права принадлежат авторам презентаций и могут быть удалены по их требованию.

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Слайд 1
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Intellectual Competition

Quiz 3

Слайд 2
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Question 1

Official games in table tennis are conducted according to specific rules.
What colour should be the table, balls and rackets?

Слайд 3
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Blue tables. Yellow balls. Black and red rackets.

Слайд 4
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Question 2

When the Russians invaded Paris after Napoleon’s fall in 1815, restaurant owners would ask them into their places by shouting the Russian word meaning ‘quick’, assuring them that they could eat quickly here at a good price.

Слайд 5
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They used the word so often that it became a common French word for any small restaurant where cheap meal could be served, and from there this word soon entered English.
What word is it?

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Question 3

This creature has lived in seas and oceans for 350 million years, and people think it is a dangerous predator. Its sense of smell is very keen. It detects blood from over 0.5 km away. It has a reputation for killing humans, yet fewer that 100 attacks a year are reported in the world, and most attacks don’t causes serious injuries. They don’t have enemies except other creatures and humans, although dolphins can sometimes kill them.

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Слайд 9
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Question 4

This is the oldest world religion. It was born in India in 6 – 5 centuries BC.
It was founded by Sindharha Gautama. It doesn’t believe in soul and is aimed at spiritual improvement of the person.

Слайд 10
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Слайд 11
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Question 5

What language do these words come from?

Million, ducat, florin, umbrella, citadel, balcony, concert, volcano, regatta, sonata, piano, opera, ghetto, malaria, profile, bravo, fiasco, pasta, spaghetti, gondola, carnival.

Слайд 12
Текст слайда:

These are Italian words

Слайд 13
Текст слайда:

Question 6

This Russian tsarina ruled in the 18th century. She was patriotic and promoted talented and energetic Russian people to high positions in the state. Under her rule the structure of the army was improved, Moscow University and Academy of Art were set up.
What is her name? Who was her father?

Слайд 14
Текст слайда:

Elizaveta Petrovna (1709 - 1761), daughter of Peter the Great

Слайд 15
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Question 7

This is a French car company. It controls over 50% of the production of automobiles in the country. It also produces bicycles, special cars and diesel engines. It has enterprises in more than 20 countries.

Слайд 16
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Слайд 17
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Question 8

Early Americans, independent and democratic, never liked the word ‘master’ with its aristocratic meaning. Late in the 18th century they adopted the Dutch word with the same meaning. By the middle of the 19th century the word became common.
What was the word?

Слайд 18
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Слайд 19
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Question 9

This Russian writer and thinker of the 19th century is one of the world’s greatest novelists who wrote on religious, moral, political and psychological topics. Among his characters are Rodion Raskolnikov, prince Myshkin, brothers Alyosha, Dmitry and Fyodor.
What is his name?

Слайд 20
Текст слайда:

Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky

Слайд 21
Текст слайда:

Question 10

This vegetable comes from Iran and Afghanistan and was worshipped in ancient Egypt. It has an interesting method of self-defense to stop animals from eating it. When it is touched, damaged or cut it spreads a strong smell.
What vegetable is it?

Слайд 22
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Слайд 23
Текст слайда:

Question 11

When the great British explorer Captain Cook reached the Australian coast, he asked the aborigine the name of the strange animal he had never seen before. The aborigine replied in his native language, “I don’t know”. Cook thought it was the name of this animal, and ever since the animal has had this name.
What animal do you think it was?

Слайд 24
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Слайд 25
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Question 12

This writer is one of the most popular authors of fiction in the world. His novels were translated into 161 languages. Some of his books contained extraordinary accurate predictions of the future. For example, his fictional rocket was launched from Florida just like Apollo and at nearly the same speed. Both carried three astronauts. In his other books he predicted TV and the aqualung.

Слайд 26
Текст слайда:

Jules Verne

Слайд 27
Текст слайда:

Question 13

What language do these words come from?

Anthology, barometer, Bible, catastrophe, cheer, cyclone, elastic, idiot, magic, tactics.

Слайд 28
Текст слайда:

These are Greek words

Слайд 29
Текст слайда:

Question 14

He directed 53 films and television plays, wrote, collected, published and sponsored numerous short-story anthologies. His films have received high critical praise. He directed such films as Blackmail, Strangers on a Train, Shadow of a Doubt, The Birds, Foreign Correspondent, The Lady Vanishes and many others. His films often end in ironic and surprising way. This ending received his name.
Who is this director? What is the ending called?

Слайд 30
Текст слайда:

Alfred Hitchcock and Hitchcock ending

Слайд 31
Текст слайда:

Question 15

Here’s an English word that comes from the language of the extinct Haitian tribe. The tribe smoked meat on a framework of sticks called a barbacoa. Spanish pirates who visited Haiti in the mid-17th century started to use this word for cooking of meat. Then the word passed into English.
What word is it?

Слайд 32
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Слайд 33
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Question 16

While still a student at Harvard in 1900, this American statesman and sportsman donated a silver cup to be presented as a national trophy to the country winning an international championship contest in lawn tennis. The cup still bears his name.

Слайд 34
Текст слайда:

Davis Cup

Слайд 35
Текст слайда:

Question 17

This king of Macedonia who lived in 356 – 323 BC was a mighty conqueror. His great dream was to conquer the whole world. By 327 BC he conquered the Persian Empire. Then he led his people to India, but the soldiers were too tired, and he turned back. He died at the age of 33.
Who was he?

Слайд 36
Текст слайда:

Alexander the Great

Слайд 37
Текст слайда:

Question 18

The ancient Romans built an excellent system of roads. The saying connected with it arose. It means that all ways or methods of doing something end in the same result, no method being better than another.
What saying do we mean?

Слайд 38
Текст слайда:

All the roads lead to Rome

Слайд 39
Текст слайда:

Question 19

This is the only man-made object on the Earth which is seen from Space.

Слайд 40
Текст слайда:

The Great Wall of China

Слайд 47
Текст слайда:

Question 20

This is the biggest island on the Earth. It is covered with ice which is up to 2,000 meters thick. Only 3.5% of its territory is used.
What island is this?

Слайд 48
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