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Unusual British Customs & Traditions

Подготовила учитель английского языка
г. Минеральные Воды
Филатова Наталья Деомидовна

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A long time ago the year was marked out with special days which marked the passing year. These were days of celebrations where people would do things, eat things or make things which they would not normally do.

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What holidays has Wassailing been associated with?

Apple Howling or Wassailing is an ancient custom in which the evil spirits are driven out and the good spirits are encouraged to produce a good apple crop for the following year's cider.

Apple Howling or Wassailing

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Wassailing has been associated with Christmas and New Year. It was a way of passing on good wishes among family and friends.

January 17th, old Twelfth Night is the traditional date for Wassailing.

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On May Day, people used to cut down young trees and stick them in the ground in the village to mark the arrival of summer.
People danced around the tree poles in celebration of the end of winter and the start of the fine weather that would allow planting to begin.


How was May Day celebrated in the past?

May Day

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May Day began early in the morning. People would go out before sunrise in order to gather flowers and greenery to decorate their houses and villages with in the belief that the vegetation spirits would bring good fortune.

Girls would make a special point of washing their faces in the dew of the early morning. They believed this made them very beautiful for the following year. 

The rest of the day was given over to various festivities. There was dancing on the village green, archery contest and exhibitions of strength. The highlight of the day was the crowning of the May Queen, the human replica of Flora. By tradition she took no part in the games or dancing, but sat like a queen in a flower-decked chair to watch her 'subjects'.

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The official birthday of Queen Elizabeth II is marked each year by a military parade and march-past, known as Trooping the Colour (Carrying of the Flag). The official name is “the Queen’s Birthday Parade”. Each June, the Queen and other members of the Royal Family attend the Trooping the Colour ceremony on Horse Guards Parade, Whitehall in London. 
The Trooping the Colour is going back to the days when the Colours (regimental flag of the regiment) was trooped in front of soldiers to make sure everyone could recognise their flag in battle.

Why does the Queen attend the ceremony ?

Trooping the Colour (Carrying of the Flag).

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The Queen attends the ceremony to take the salute from thousands of guardsmen who parade the Colour (their regiment's flag).

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Swan Upping (last Monday) River Thames

The Dyers and Vintner's Companies have the right, established in medieval times, to keep swans on the Thames River. Every year the Queen's Swan Keeper and Swan Markers from the two livery companies row in skiffs along the river to mark the cygnets (baby swans).

Whom does a lot of these beautiful white birds belong?

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A lot of these beautiful white birds belong, traditionally, to the King or Queen.

The Queen's swan keeper goes, in a boat, from London Bridge to Henley (a town on the Thames). He looks at all the young swans and marks the royal ones. 

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October Plenty

October Plenty is an Autumn harvest celebration held annually in Southwark. Beginning on the Bankside, by Shakespeare's Globe, October Plenty mixes ancient seasonal customs and theatre with contemporary festivity, joining with historic Borough Market, Southwark.

A huge Corn Queen effigy heavy with 'Plenty' - wheat, barley and other grains, and apples, root vegetables and foliage from the Borough Market - appears in a procession around the front of the Globe, Bankside, with the Company of actors and the time-honoured Hobby Horse in attendance, strung with cakes and loaves and led by the Berry Man.

Who are the main characters of this celebration?

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The Berry Man
The Berry Man is the Lions Part Autumn incarnation of the original Green Man. The berry man is covered with wild fruits and foliage.

The Corn Queen effigy
A Corn Queen effigy made from wheat, barley and other grains, and apples, root vegetables and foliage from the Borough Market, is paraded.

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The London tradition of the Pearly Kings and Queens began in 1875, by a small lad named Henry Croft.

So as Henry swept the market streets he started to collect all the pearl buttons he found that had fallen off of the clothes of people visiting the market, and when he had enough he started to sew them on his cap and then continued until his entire suit was filled, the very first smother suit. The Kings do all the designs and sewing by themselves.


How many kilograms can each outfit weigh ? 

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Each outfit can hold many tens of thousands of buttons on it and can weigh as much as 30 kilograms or more. 

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Anniversary messages

Each year, thousands of birthday and wedding anniversary cards are sent on behalf of The Queen to people celebrating significant milestones. For many, receiving a congratulatory card from Her Majesty is a very special part of their celebrations. The delivery of these messages is arranged by the Anniversaries Office at Buckingham Palace, continuing a tradition which goes back to 1917
Cards are sent to those celebrating their 100th and 105th birthday and every year thereafter, and to those celebrating their diamond wedding (60th), 65th, 70th wedding anniversaries and every year thereafter.
The Queen's congratulatory messages consist of a card containing a personalized message and come in a special envelope.

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Every nation becomes special by means of its own traditions and customs. There is no other nation that clings to the past with the tenacity of the British. They are really proud of their traditions, they cherish them. When we think of Britain we often think of people drinking white tea, eating fish and chips, sitting by the fireplace or wearing bowler hats, but there is much more in Britain than just those things.

British holidays are especially rich in old traditions and customs.

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