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Straw Bear

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From the 14th to the 16th of January in the British town of Vittelsi (Whittlesea), located near the industrial town of Peterborough, will be very unusual (especially for England, which is considered to be conservative) Festival

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The fact that traditionally these days is the settlement of an actor dressed as a bear suit made ​​of straw. He walked none, and accompanied by a retinue. At the end of the procession solemnly burned an unusual costume. The festival is timed to celebrate the Epiphany. A similar celebration is held in a German settlement Walldürn near Frankfurt.

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The festival has a long history. In the old man a kind of Christmas carols arranged Vittelsi: they in straw costumes and went from house to house, dancing and performing a variety of tricks in exchange for a small fee in the form of treats, including those alcohol. Previously, the festival is so disliked by the people, the farmers left straw better for the manufacture of a bear costume. It is noteworthy that with the beginning of the XX century the tradition began to decline (probably because the local police have started to consider it as begging), but in the 1980s revived. Last year, the role of straw bear got a five-year-old boy.

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At present, the peak of the festivities is a Saturday, when, in fact, carried out the main procession. Straw Bear wanders through the streets, surrounded by dancers, musicians, artists and ordinary villagers. As a rule, the procession is complete without a dance in the costumes of heroes legend of Robin Hood, as well as traditional English notions, with swords and sabers. Straw Bear is traditionally danced to the tune, which strums Christian hymns, including melody, reminiscent of the motif «Jesus Bids Us Shine». The procession always ends in one of the lively pubs of the village. On Sunday, the festivities are on the decline, the main event of the day is the burning of straw "skins" bear.

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