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1-st year student G.V. Kotova

Teacher O.A. Fadeeva

Saratov 2016

SSU – National Research University Geological College

The project:
"My city‘s coat of arms"

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1. Introduction
2. Main part.
2.1. What is the coat of arms?
2.2. What is heraldry?
2.3. The components of the coat of arms
2.4. The foundation of Saratov
2.5. My city’s coat of arms
2.6. Saratov region cities’ coats of arms
3. Conclusion.
My college’s coat of arms

Table of Contents

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There are no modern state without coats of arms. Political parties, universities, sports associations, clubs, plants, factories have got also their emblems.
The state сreates urban coat of arms. The coat of arms must be approved by the city council, it is the official symbol.

1. Introduction

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2. Main part

2.1 What is the coat of arms?
The ancient Russia had got its own signs and emblems. For example so-called Rurik signs of Russian princes.

The word "coat of arms" came to Russian language in XVI-XVII centuries. German word "coat of arms" means "heritage".

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2.2. What is heraldry?

Heraldry is associated with study, design, regulation and use of coats of arms.
In XVII-XVIII centuries heraldry was formed as a science. It helps to understand the important historical problems.

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2.3. The components of the coat of arms

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Coat of arms consists of a shield and the outer part.
The most common forms of the shield are:

1. Triangular (Varangian)
2. Oval (Italian)
3. Square, rounded bottom (Spanish)
4. Quadrangular, pointed bottom (French)
5. Cutout (German)

Heraldic colors add in metals (gold and silver), furs (ermine and squirrel) and 5 enamels:

Red (bravery, courage);
Blue (beauty, gentleness, greatness);
Green (hope, joy, abundance);
Black (wisdom, sadness, prudence, humility);
Purple (dignity, strength and power).

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2. 4. The foundation of Saratov
In September 2015 the citizens of Saratov have celebrated 425 years since the date of city foundation.
Saratov was founded in 1590 by prince G.O. Zasyekin and boyar F.M. Turov as a fortress to protect the south-eastern borders of the Russian state. It had got the convenient geographical location and natural resources.

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Emblem of the Saratov is a triangular "French" azure shield with three crossed silver sterlets. Fish form the Greek letter «upsilon» which means the choice of worthful way.
Azure shield color symbolizes the Volga river and small rivers flowing in the Saratov region.
Sterlets symbolize the abundance of fish, the purity of the Volga River and small rivers.
Saratov's coat of arms was registered on the 18-th of November 1997.

2. 5. My city’s coat of arms

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The Emblem of Saratov region has got a golden crown witch symbolizes a history of Saratov.
А golden decorative wreath consists of:
oak branches mean strength, courage and resilience;
laurel branches mean victory;
pieces of wheat mean natural and herbal wealth;
golden ribbons mean wealth, power and consistency.

Saratov's coat of arms was registered on the 31-st of January 2002 under the number 850.

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2.6. Emblems of cities of the Saratov region Let’s have a look at some Saratov region cities’ coats of arms. Each of them has got a small Saratov's coat of arms in the corner.

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3. Conclusion
My college’s coat of arms

It was very interesting for me to study the science of heraldry. I knew many interesting facts about coat of arms and history of Saratov. One day I thought it would be very funny to create a coat of arms of my college.
I asked for help my group mates the future geologists. My question was: “What should be placed on the coat of arms of our college”?

Let’s see what we have done 

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The green shield means joy and youth. The gold on the top symbolizes fairness.

Two keys are knowledge, a handshake means student friendship, three fish are the symbol of Saratov, a tree symbolizes a link with the nature because students of our college explore rocks, minerals, oil and soil.

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Thanks for attention!

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