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Municipal public educational institution of the Ordynsky region of the Novosibirsk region Ordynsky secondary school No. 2 school festival of projects A dictionary of Computer Slang

The project was prepared by:
Portnov Mikhail 6 A form.
Tutored by: Ginoyan Anna Sergeevna

Ordynskoye 2018

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The actuality
The goals and the tasks of the project
The object, the methods and the subject
Project steps
What is computer slang?
Words related to computer slang
Results of the questionnaire

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Computer technologies are very developed nowadays. Teenagers spend most of their time surfing the net: searching for educational information, communicating, playing games. While working with a computer a certain group of words are formed, the so-called computer slang which have become widely used in everyday life.
I’ve noticed that a lot of my classmates also use such words and I’d like to know more about these words. And I hope that my work will help some people for example adult one to more clearly understand what teenagers speak about.

Слайд 4
Текст слайда:

The goal of our project:
to create a dictionary of computer slang for students - active users of PC and Internet.

         1. To study the topic and find the definition of “ computer slang”
         2. To conduct a questionnaire among students and teachers
         3. To analyze data
         4. To make a dictionary of computer slang

The goal and tasks of the work

Слайд 5
Текст слайда:

Object, subject and methods

The object of the project:
Words related to computer slang
The subject of the project:
Internet, students of our school and teachers
The methods of the project:
1) The method of Analysis
2) The method of synthesis
3) The method of an empirical observation
4) The method of questionnaire

Слайд 6
Текст слайда:

project steps

1 step: Discussing the goals, tasks and the actuality of our project
2 step: Determining the meaning of “computer sang” and looking for such words
3 step: Conducting a questionnaire among students and teachers
4 step: Making received data analysis
5 step: Creation of a dictionary of frequently used computer slang

Слайд 7
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What is computer slang?

For understanding what is “Computer slang” we should first see what is “slang”. Slang is a type of language that consists of words and phrases that are regarded as very informal, are more common in speech than writing, and are typically restricted to a particular context or group of people.
Computer slang is a type of slang that computer users use.

Слайд 8
Текст слайда:

Words related to computer slang

Слайд 10
Текст слайда:

Results of the questionnaire of 8”B”

Слайд 11
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Results of the questionnaire of 8 “A”

Слайд 12
Текст слайда:

Results of the questionnaire of teachers

Слайд 13
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We conducted a questionnaire between pupils and teachers of our school. Among the respondents there were 11 pupils of 8 B class and 10 pupils of 8 A class, as well as 8 teachers. 64% of the students in the 8th grade know the words of винда and гуглить well. 55% of students know the батл, аватарка, ватс ап. Less than half of those who was questioned know the комп, профиль, локалка, ворд и пэйнт.
In the 8th grade 80 percent of children know the комп, 70% recognize the word аватарка, 60% know such words as батл, винда, чат. Half of the respondents know the профиль, лол, скрин, ватс ап.
Teacher's questionnaire showed that they also know computer slang not so bad, although some of them have had difficulties. Best of all teachers learned the words комп, винда, ватс ап.
Both students and teachers do not know the words ридер, лук, релиз. In conclusion, I can say that the teachers did just a little better than the students.

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