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Seven wonders of Mari El

Gymnasium of Sergiy Radonezhskiy

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We live in a wonderful place. It is called Mari El! You can find here many beautiful things and views. We want to tell you about some of the most magnificent and exceptional wonders of Mari El.

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Sea Eye Lake It is one of the most famous and beautiful lakes of our republic.

Sea Eye Lake is a minor karst lake in Shariboksad in Volzhsky Region. It has unusual green water, which extremely deep- about 38.5 m.

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There is an ancient Mari legend, according to a wedding procession fell into the Sea Eye and died when it suddenly appeared in an eruption

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Nolkin Caverns

Nolkin Caverns are situated on the border of Kuzhenersky and Sernursky regions. The Hills of Vyatsky Uval cross the east part of Mari El from north to south.

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Under the outward beauty you can find mysterious world consist of man-made cave with stalactites, stalagmites, bats, gelid water sources .

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Sheremetyevo Castle

It is a unique park and palace complex, located in Yurino. Sheremetyevo Castle is an architectural monument of federal importance.

It’s the only castle in Volga region.

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The castle’s history began in 1812 when a landlord Vasyli Sergeevich Sheremetev bought a village Yurino.

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At present the Sheremetyevo Castle is used as a hotel complex.

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National Park “Mary Chodra”

The national park was created to protect rare plants and animals. It is one of the most magnificent places of our republic.

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Mary Chodra is famous for its pure lakes and wells, forests with a wide range of animal and vegetal life. There are about 20 sanitary institutions in aquatic area.

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It is not only a natural but also a historical monument of Mary El. Mary people hid in mountains, when enemies surrounded them. Afterwards, these mountains were named “Karman” which means ”fortress”.

Karman Mountain

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There are karst caves and a range of karst funnels on the southern slope of the hill. There are unusual cubic megalithic constructions which are not of human making.

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Nature reserve Bolshaya Kokshaga

The reserve is located in Kilemarsky Region and Medvedevsky Region. It was founded in 1993 in order to save and to study unique natural complexes of Bolshaya Kokshaga river-basin.

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Bolshaya Kokshaga is closed for visiting and walking. The main place of interest is an inundated oak forest. There are about 20 rivers, 3 lakes, 1600 species of animals.

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Strone Mountain or Mari Switzerland

Another beautiful place is situated on Vyatsky Uval.”Stone mountain” is a nature reserve created in order to save unique mountain scenery and rare plant species.

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A famous silver-rich water source complex will make a good impression on everybody.

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This presentation has great importance in revealing the natural beauties of the Republic of Mari El. It helps to invoke a sense of pride of patriotism, because Mari El is a little beautiful part of great Russia!


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Thank you for your attention!

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