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Project «Unusual customs of peoples in Europe»

made by Tserna Anatoly Igorevich, Chernobab Yulia Igorevna and Sidorov Maxim Petrovich,
form 9V, Lyceum №20, Rostov-on-Don,
Teacher Nazykova Vera Nikolaevna
vera.nazykova@mail.ru 89281141725

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The Glastonbury Festival

This is the biggest music festival in Britain and it happens on a farm in the west of England! The first festival was in 1970 with only 1500 people! Now about 140000 people come and you can see famous acts like REM, Coldplay and Robbie Williams. There’s a theatre, a cabaret, a circus, a cinema and loads of stalls selling clothes and food, too. It’s enormous! If it rains, it gets really muddy – but that’s part of the fun! The money goes to charities like Greenpeace and Oxfam. You have a fantastic time – and you help the world, too!

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The WOMAD Festival

WOMAD stands for the World of Music, Arts and Dance. Every year, the world comes to the Womad Festival! You can see performers from different countries and cultures. You can listen to music from Ireland and Thailand, dance to African drummers and learn how to make Brazilian masks. You can chill out to the music of Tibet or go to a reggae gig. There are different kinds of food to eat and ethnic things to buy. You meet people from other countries.

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Текст слайда:

The Edinburgh Festival

The Edinburgh Festival is the coolest event in the world! It’s in August and lasts for five weeks. In fact, there are two festivals – the official one with lots of plays, ballet, opera and stuff and the unofficial Fringe Festival.

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The Fringe Festival

The Fringe is bigger than the official festival and there are more unusual plays and comedy. The Fringe sells over a million tickets every year! Nearly every pub, bar and street corner has a show! I love the comedy shows. They’re really funny. The festival ends with an incredible firework display.

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Текст слайда:

Reading Festival

This is the oldest rock festival in Britain – and the best! It started in 1960 when it was called the Jazz and Blues festival. In the 1960s, there were also bands such as The Rolling Stones and The Who. I love the Reading Festival because all my favourite band and singers play here – Blur, Eminem, Oasis, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Marilyn Manson. It’s so cool. And it’s big, too. People eat more than a quarter of million burgers and hot dogs in three days!

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Hill Cheese-Rolling

The Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake is an annual event held on the Spring Bank Holiday at Cooper's Hill, near Gloucester in England. It was traditionally held by and for the people who live in the local village of Brockworth, Gloucestershire, but now people from all over the world take part. The Guardian newspaper called it a "world-famous event", with winners coming from the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Nepal.

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Hill Cheese-Rolling pt. 2

The event is traditional and takes its name from the steep hill on which it occurs. It is a very dangerous game and recommended to be stopped. However it is still played but is a very stupid game. Until recent years, it was managed in a quasi-official manner by nominated locals, but since 2010 the event has taken place spontaneously without any management.

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