Презентация, доклад по английскому языку. неделя английского языкаTravelling 8 класс

Checking the homework

Слайд 1Travelling
Modes of Transportation

Travelling Modes of Transportation

Слайд 2Checking the homework

Checking the homework

Слайд 3 tour ['tua], n. a journey during which several places of

interest are vis­ited;- тур
coach [kautf], n. a bus used for long-distance travel or touring; ұзақ жолдарға арналған автобус
sightseeing [saitsi:in], n. Sightseeing means to go about, visiting places of interest; көрікті жерлер
prefer [pri'fa:), v. to choose one thing (or action) rather than another; like better; қалау
advantage [ad'va:ntid3], n. better position, superiority; артықшылық
nearby adj. not far off; жақын маң
Hiking [haikirj], n. Hiking means travelling about the country, or an area on foot – жаяу саяхат
tour ['tua], n. a journey during which several places of interest are vis­ited;- тур coach [kautf],

Слайд 5Great Britain

Great Britain

Слайд 6Northern Ireland Scotland Wales England

Northern Ireland Scotland Wales   England

Слайд 7Travelling a)There are many ways of travelling. The whole world is open

for travel­ling. Now you can choose any place on the earth and go there on your busi­ness or holiday. Certainly you should have enough money to go to the place which you have chosen. You can go to the place by sea, by air, by train and by bus. If you want to get somewhere as quickly as possible the best way is to travel by plane. We know that travelling by plane is very expensive but most of our people are not rich. They spend their holidays in the places which are not too expensive and where they can rest and improve their health. There are such places in many parts of our country.   b)Coach tours are not very expensive. They are planned as holidays. If you choose this kind of travelling you will have a chance to do a lot of sightseeings and have a good rest at the same time. During a ten-day holiday you can visit many cities and places of interest. Many people prefer travelling by car. This way you can visit the nearby towns and cities. The greatest advantage of this way of travelling is that you can stop whenever you like and stay there as long as you want. You start from your own front door and take any road you like. Before starting your travel you have to study the map of roads, hotels and other things. c)One of the cheapest and most popular ways of travelling is hiking. You certainly need to prepare all things which will be necessary for travelling. It is always a great experience for a lover of nature. Walkings through the wood or along the river, having a rest on the shore of a forest lake, climbing a mountain, you feel yourself a part of nature.Travelling is of a great use for the development of a person. When travel­ling we see and learn a lot of things that we can never see at home.
Travelling a)There are many ways of travelling. The whole world is open for travel­ling. Now you can

Слайд 8Nothern Ireland

The capital of country is Belfast

Nothern IrelandThe capital of country is Belfast

Слайд 10Scotland Edinburgh is the capital

Scotland Edinburgh is the capital

Слайд 12Work with the book ex 4 pg 131

Work with the book ex 4 pg 131

Слайд 13England The capital Is London

England The capital Is London

Слайд 15Beautiful gardens of London

Beautiful gardens of London

Слайд 16The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben
Big Ben is one of

the most famous clocks in the world
The Houses of Parliament and Big BenBig Ben is one of the most famous clocks in the

Слайд 18Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Слайд 19The Queen of the UK

The Queen of the UK

Слайд 20Conclusion
Are you fond of travelling?
Why do people travel?
Why do some

people choose planes for travelling?
Do you think that many people in our country travel by train?
Do you know the people who travelled by plane to other countries?
What are the advantages of coach tours?
Have you ever been on a coach tour?
Why can it be convenient to travel by car?
Did you travel by car with your family?
10. If you could spend a hiking holiday wherever you like what place would you choose?
What kind of travelling do you prefer?
What sightseeings are there in your city or area?
13. What kind of travelling is the most expensive? Who can travel by plane?
14. What is the cheapest way of travelling?

Conclusion Are you fond of travelling?Why do people travel?Why do some people choose planes for travelling?Do you

Слайд 21Homework ex 5,6 pg 132

Homework  ex 5,6 pg 132

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