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National Mall, a national park, is a famous 2-mile long tree-lined, pedestrian-friendly boulevard in Washington, D.C. stretching from the Capitol Building in the east to the Lincoln Memorial and Potomac River on the west. The park is home to many museums of the Smithsonian Institution, some of the best free museums in the country, as well as many famous memorials and monuments. It's the 1 destination for visitors in the city, and receives 25 million visitors per year.

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Национальный Молл (National Mall, Национальная аллея) - это обширная эспланада в центре столицы Соединенных Штатов Америки Вашингтона, вдоль которой расположен целый ряд музеев, памятников и мемориальных сооружений. Ежегодно Национальный Молл посещают более двадцати миллионов туристов, что делает его одной из самых популярных достопримечательностей США.
Национальный Молл расположен между Капитолием США на востоке, Мемориалом Линкольна на западе, Конститьюшен-авеню на севере и Индепенденс-авеню на юге; его длина - около трех километров, а площадь - около 125 гектаров.
Национальный Молл и расположенные вокруг него мемориальные парки находятся под управлением Службы национальных парков США.
Уже в 1791 году архитектор Пьер Ланфан, разрабатывавший по заданию первогоПрезидента США Джорджа Вашингтона генеральный план будущей столицы Соединенных Штатов Америки, предусмотрел создание в центре города "Гранд-Авеню" - большой (около 120 метров шириной и 1 600 метров длиной) аллеи, протянувшейся на запад от здания Капитолия. Название The Mall применительно к этому участку земли впервые появилось на карте Вашингтона в 1802 году
В XIX веке на Молле были разбиты первые насаждения Ботанического сада США, построены оранжереи, здание Смитсоновского института, монумент Вашингтона, реконструирован Капитолий, но по-настоящему обустройство Молла началось лишь в начале прошлого столетия.

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В наши дни Молл представляет из себя широкую аллею, центральная часть которой занята газонами (и несколькими прудами), а по сторонам высажены ряды американских вязов.
Непосредственно на Национальном Молле или рядом с ним находятся целый ряд музеев и памятников, в том числе
Национальный музей американской истории,
Национальный музей естественной истории,
Национальный музей авиации и космонавтики,
Национальный музей американских индейцев,
Национальный музей африканского искусства,
Смитсоновский институт,
Национальная галерея искусства,
Мемориальный музей Холокоста,
Ботанический сад США,
монумент Джорджа Вашингтона,
мемориалы Авраама Линкольна,
Томаса Джефферсона,
Франклина Рузвельта,
Альберта Энштейна,
Мартина Лютера Кинга,
ветеранов второй мировой, корейской и вьетнамской войн etc.

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National Museum of Natural History is a natural history museum administered by the Smithsonian Institution, located on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., United States. It has free admission and is open 364 days a year. In 2016, with 7.1 million visitors, it was the fourth most visited museum in the world and the most visited natural history museum in the world. Opened in 1910, the museum on the National Mall was one of the first Smithsonian buildings constructed exclusively to hold the national collections and research facilities. The main building has an overall area of 1,500,000 square feet and houses over 1,000 employees. The museum's collections contain over 126 million specimens (plants, animals, fossils, minerals, rocks, meteorites, human remains, and human cultural artifacts. It is also home to about 185 professional natural history scientists—the largest group of scientists dedicated to the study of natural and cultural history in the world.
National Museum of American History, 
There is a lot here in one of the city's most informative museums, covering topics ranging from war to technology, social and political history. The biggest draw, though, is the Treasure Room, with an astonishing set of iconic Americana objects, ranging from the original Star-Spangled Banner and Abraham Lincoln's top hat, to Kermit the Frog and Dorothy's ruby slippers! 
National Museum of African American History and Culture, The newest museum on the Mall, with a collection of remarkable artifacts illustrating the history of African American culture, from the years of slavery to the Civil Rights Movement to pop culture figures. Given the interest in the museum, admission is refused without a timed entry pass.  
National Museum of the American Indian, toll-free: . 10AM-5:30PM daily. 
This museum displays the cultural traditions of the Native peoples of North, Central, and South America.
It focuses on 20th century and present day culture much more than pre-Columbian and colonial periods.
The exhibits can be fascinating, but are not as grandiose as those of the other museums. 
Perhaps the most important attraction is the gorgeous building itself, designed by famous Native Canadian architect Douglas Cardinal of Blackfoot descent, echoing the ancient stone formations of the American Southwest, and surrounded by manifestations both metaphorical and literal of natural North American landscapes

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The Smithsonian is a complex of 19 free museums, the majority of which are on the east end of the Mall, all of which are free, and are open every day except Christmas.
East–west along the north side:
National Gallery of Art, ☏ +1 202 737-4215. M-Sa 10AM-5PM; Su 11AM-6PM. 
The staggering depth and breadth of the world-class collections here are a clear testament to U.S. wealth and power.
The east building of this museum is devoted to modern art, while the west building showcases traditional, mostly European, paintings and sculptures. The west wing's impressionist gallery is likely the most popular, although it would be a shame to skip the east wing's fauvist and abstract expressionist galleries.
Just west of the buildings is the relaxing sculpture garden, with a foot pool for cooling off tired feet.
National Museum of Natural History, 10:30AM-5:30PM daily, 10AM-7:30PM during the summer. The real show stoppers here are the gargantuan, complete dinosaur fossils, and you won't have to search to find them! Further into the museum you'll find displays of world cultures, meteorites, mineral samples, and the evolution of life from beginnings to today. 

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National Museum of African Art (Connected to the Freer & Sackler galleries via tunnel), ☏ +1 202 633-4600. 10AM-5:30PM daily. A much smaller museum of art than the massive National Gallery and Hirshhorn museums, but it is excellently exhibited, and extremely family-friendly, with daily events and programs for kids. The exhibits subvert the name of the museum, showing that creative arts from the African continent, traditional and contemporary, are too diverse to fit neatly under the title of "African Art." The museum hosts frequent performances of storytellers, musicians, films, etc

Washington Monument, ☏ +1 202 426-6841. open daily except for July 4th and December 25th- regular hours-9AM-4:45PM, summer hours (Memorial Day to Labor Day) 9AM to 9:45PM. No man looms larger over American history than the first president, and no monument looms larger over D.C. than this, both the world's tallest stone structure and its tallest obelisk. When completed in 1884 it was the world's tallest structure, and remains the tallest building by far in D.C. Viewed from either end of the Mall its size may not be evident, but enter the enormous square on which it stands, and you'll realize just how monumental it is. The view from the 555-foot top is great on a clear day, allowing you to see up and down the Mall, and out as far as the Shenandoah Valley. The observation level is closed until 2019 due to a broken elevator that needs to be repaired

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National World War II Memorial, toll-free: +1-800-639-4992. Many of D.C.'s monuments have a simple, sudden, and grandiose impact, and don't require much time to visit. Not so for this new memorial. WWII was the defining event of the twentieth century, in which sixteen million U.S. soldiers served, and 400,000 died—the enormity of the war is hard to grasp in one's mind, and the architect aimed to convey that enormity in this central memorial. To best appreciate it, you will have to walk around and slowly take it in. 

Reflecting Pool. The view from the Lincoln Memorial, with the 2,000 ft Reflecting Pool in the foreground and the Washington Monument just behind, and the Capitol Building in the distance, is famous and not to be missed. This was the setting for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s I Have a Dream speech, which he gave from the steps of the memorial over a crowd of 200,000 that didn't fit very well—many of them stood in the pool itself!

Jefferson Memorial, ☏ +1 202 426-6841. Thomas Jefferson played an outsized role as one of the republic's founding fathers, the principal author of the Declaration of Independence, and the third president. Accordingly, he has an enormous statue in a circular, neoclassical, open-air building, based largely on the design of the Roman Pantheon, and standing prominently on the bank of the Tidal Basin. Quotes from Jefferson's writings, including the Declaration of Independence, are reproduced on the walls.

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