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Национальная Кухня Франции

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Describe the French cuisine - a thankless task. It has long been considered one of the best in the world, it has absorbed the culinary traditions of many peoples, and has itself become a source of inspiration for followers from around the world.

Many gourmets consider, that French cuisine is the best in the world.

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National cuisine - is the pride of France. Cooks conceal their secrets, like the Renaissance alchemists, because of their culinary creativity are valued more than gold. The French - aesthetes. For centuries, they formed the culinary traditions, not only for their own pleasure, but for the subjugation of other nations. France is famous by Norman cheeses, refined wines, and, of course, champagne, which was named in honor of the area Champagne.

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The cuisine is very varied, so there are three types of French cooking: - widespread, - regional, - high, which might be an example of cuisine kings and upper classes.

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The general features of the local cuisine should be attributed rather bold combination of many products, the widespread use of fresh ingredients, plenty of vegetables and root vegetables, sauces and seasonings.

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French cuisine has many features that set it apart from other national cuisines. So the French used in the preparation of red and white wine and cognac and calvados.

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An integral piece of French cuisine are the spices. The French did not use ground spices, they add them in the form of herbs and taken out before serving dish. It differs from all other French cuisine and the presence of sauces. It is the masterpieces of chefs, and the secrets of cooking sauces are kept in the strictest confidence.

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The most prominent place is given in cooking meat. If all the world there are three stages of cooking meat (low, medium and strong roasted), then in France, there are six stages. Blue (almost raw meat), as well as raw meat - the least popular. Average raw meat, the meat medium, slightly roasted meat with blood. There is also a ready-made meat and overcook.

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For breakfast, the French prefer coffee, tea or hot chocolate and croissant. Sometimes, yogurt, and toast with cheese.

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French dinner starting at 12 per minute they do not have distribution in the morning / afternoon / evening / night, so that dinner can be called all within 12 to 16. Typically, dinner consists of three courses. At first the French served soup. The French prefer the clear soup, vegetable soups, onion soup, filled with cheese, served in a special pot with baked cheese on the edges, as well as fish soup. On the second - the meat and fish in all its diversity and subtleties of cooking. Served as a garnish vegetables.

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French supper at 7-9 pm. Supper is usually light, consists of salads, cheeses and cakes. French wine is not only added to the food, but drink almost every day.

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High cuisine is like a work of art. Frog legs, snails, oysters, foie gras and other delights of French cuisine have created international fame.

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Thank you for your attention.

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