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The British Educational System.

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Educational system
The first stage (primary)
The second stage (secondary)
Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

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The basic features of the British educational system are as follows:

― education is compulsory from 5 to 16;
―the academic year usually begins in September and runs to early July; it has 3
terms, divided by the Christmas and Easter holidays. In addition, all schools have
a “half-term holiday”, lasting a few days or a week, in the middle of each term;
― compulsory education is free of charge, but parents may spend money on
educating their children if they want to;
― there are three stages of education.

Children move from the first stage (primary) to the second stage (secondary) approximately at the age of eleven or twelve. The third stage is “advanced” education at
university or college.

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The first stage (primary).

At the age of 5 children go to infant school which is the first stage of primary education. From 7 to 11 they attend junior schools, the second stage of primary education. In primary school children are taught the so-called 3’Rs: reading, writing and arithmetic.

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The second stage (secondary)

At the age of 11 children enter the secondary school. There are three types of state secondary schools in Britain. They are grammar schools (for the most intelligent children), modern schools ( for the less intelligent children) and comprehensive schools ( for children of all abilities). Grammar schools lead towards higher education, and the others give general or vocational education to prepare students for employment or for further technical education. The regular secondary schools offer 7 years of schooling, with students from 11 to 18 years of age. The last two years (16-18) may be spent in a separate sixth form college, which concentrates on career training.

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Between the ages of 14 and 16, pupils study for their GCSE ( General Certificate of Secondary Education ) exams.
Those who get good GCSE grades can stay at their school for another two years, if it has a sixth form and teaches the desired subjects, and then take “A” level ( Advanced Level ) exams. Otherwise they have to leave their school and go to a sixth-form college or college of further education. Further education colleges have strong ties with commerce and industry and offer courses in engineering, cooking or hairdressing.
The GCSE Advanced (A) level is normally taken after a further two years of study. Good “A” level results in at least 2 subjects are necessary to get a place at a university. Universities choose their students after interviews. There are about 100 universities in Britain. The most famous of them are Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

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Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

Oxford and Cambridge are the oldest universities in England. Both of these
universities are very beautiful. Some of their colleges, chapels and libraries are three, four and even five hundred years old, and are full of valuable books and precious paintings.
Oxford is famous for its first-class education as well as its beautiful buildings. Many students want to study there. It is not easy to get a place at Oxford University to study for a degree. But outside the university there are many smaller private colleges which offer less difficult courses and where it is easy to enrol.

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