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Aleksandra Strizigauskas

The London Tube

7 form

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On 10 January 1863 was built the first subway station, it ran from the station of Bishop's Road to Farringdon Road.

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During the war, the metro was used as a bomb shelter.

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As of the 2010 London Underground includes 270 stations
The length of track - more than 253 miles (408 kilometers).
London Underground passenger traffic in 2008 totaled 1.09 billion, or about 3 million people a day.

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The map of underground

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London underground has 11 lines which denoted with different colors:

Bakerloo Line – Brown (25 stations)
Central Line – Red (49 stations)
Circle Line – Yellow (35 stations)
District Line – Green (60 stations)
Hammersmith & City Line – Pink (29 stations)
Jubilee Line – Silver (27 stations)
Metropolitan Line - Dark Magenta (34 stations)
Northern Line – Black (50 stations)
Piccadilly Line – Dark Bluе (53 stations)
Victoria Line – Light Blue (16 stations)
Waterloo & City Line – Turquoise (2 stations)

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Interesting fact

Londoners called subway the Underground («subway») or more Tube («pipe»), to form the majority of deep tunnels.

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Hours of operation

The Underground does not run 24 hours a day because most lines have only two tracks (one in each direction) and therefore need to close at night for cleaning and planned maintenance work.

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First trains start operating from approximately 04:45, generally for shorter journeys, with the remainder operating by 05:30, running until around 01:00.

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In 2003, TfL introduced the Oyster card, that travelers can obtain, charge with credit and use to pay for travel. The Oyster card is cheaper to operate than cash ticketing or the older-style magnetic-strip-based Travelcards.

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Poster and billboard space is given over to artwork and poetry to "create an environment for positive impact and to enhance and enrich the journeys of ... passengers".

Arts in the underground

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Its artistic legacy includes the employment, since the 1920s, of many well-known graphic designers, illustrators and artists for its own publicity posters.

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Many stations also feature unique interior designs to help passenger identification. Often, these have themes of local significance. In the walls at Baker Street station represent silhouette of Sherlock Holmes.

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Tottenham Court Road features semi-abstract mosaics by Eduardo Paolozzi representing the local music industry at Denmark Street.

Northern line platforms at Charing Cross feature murals by David Gentleman of the construction of Charing Cross itself.

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