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Culture and fashion at school

We decided to compare the two schools. The first school it is school number 1014 and the second is Box Hill School.

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About a man the creator of culture

A man who creates culture visits cultural places such as theatres, picture galleries, museums, different parks, writes poems or music. Culture helps a person to express his or her feelings of the heart. The culture can't exist without as a person can't live without his culture.

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Poem how we like school We can sing some special music about how we like school

School it`s cool!
Because school it`s cool!
It`s where we go from Monday to Friday
I`m Sure you know!
We study and we play!
That`s what we did
We do it in the morning and in the afternoon!

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This poem can tell to us how everybody love our school! Everybody love school

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We think that it is even more important for a teacher to be a personality, because a teacher should be an example for children.
A teacher should also be well-educated person because only a cultural person can create real culture.

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Box Hill it is a boarding school. It is situated in England. In this school, mandatory school uniform!

Box Hill School

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School uniform in Russia

Слайд 8
Текст слайда:

School uniform in England

Слайд 9
Текст слайда:

School number 1014

In this school uniform mandatory too!
This is our uniform

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My opinion about school uniform

I like that in schools introduced school uniforms! It seems to me that when there is a form you know in advance what to wear, and do not have to think what to wear! Thus saving time!

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Self educated in school number 1014

Слайд 15
Текст слайда:

Self educated in Box Hill School

Слайд 17
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Class of information tehnology

Слайд 18
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Class of art in Box Hill School

Слайд 19
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Canteen in School number 1014

Слайд 20
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Site school number 1014 in Russia

Слайд 21
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Site Box Hill School in England

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Распорядок дня in box hill school

8:00-wake up, 8:20-зарядка
1.09:00-09:40(breakfast) 2.10:00-10:40 3.10:50-11:30 4.11:40-12:20 5.12:30-13:10(lunch) 6.13:40-14:20 special classes about 15:00-16:00 16:25-полдник с 16:40 started sections с 17:00 free time 20:00diner 21:00 go to bed
Elder pupils 22:00 go to bed

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Распорядок дня в школе №1014

2.9:25-10:10(junior classes have breakfast) 3.10:30-11:15(elder classes have breakfast) 4.11:35-12:20 5.12:30-13:15(lunch) 6.13:45-14:30 7.14:40-15:25 Go home

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